Vivek Haldar

Writing on a tablet

I’ve been doing more and more writing on the tablet, and even on the android phone. It is a far way from replacing a laptop or desktop with a full keyboard, but the trend is surely upward. There is a strange focus that writing on a unitasking device brings. I can also take it to more places than I would a laptop.

I’ve also noticed the new gesture typing feature in jellybean make input so much faster. It is pretty forgiving, and has a high rate of guessing the correct word even with seemingly random scrawls on the keyboard.

I’ve written the these pieces on the tablet. Reading them back, I can see a difference. There is a brevity and tautness to them. The tone might even be somewhat stern.

On the other hand, this piece was dictated out, and you can certainly see that I’m freer with words and have a more conversational tone there.