Vivek Haldar

Why you should subscribe to my newsletter

I feel all cheesy and content-market-ish just writing that headline, but hear me out.

I read a lot, because I don’t believe minimalism is a great intellectual strategy. I have thoughts and opinions about what I’ve read, and sometimes about other stuff that springs unprompted in my head. I want to post those on the great wide internet for all to see, because, well, that’s what it’s for, isn’t it?

I also want to keep a high bar for posts on this blog. That means I polish it (as much as one can polish a blog post) and try to be coherent and have a complete thought. That takes time, and often the latency between initial spark and hitting “publish” is weeks or months.

However, in my own narcissistic way I do believe all that raw material (sometimes just a list of links, sometimes half-baked thoughts) might be valuable and interesting in and of itself.

And that’s where the newsletter comes in. I want it to be a more intimate channel to share thoughts that that are not yet ready for the harsh glare of the public web, and maybe even start a conversation and learn something.

If you subscribe, you can expect around 1-2 emails a week, on much the same set of topics that I write about on this blog: programming, technology, modern work, and occasional side-trips into culture and criticism.

I invite you to subscribe.