Vivek Haldar

What can Kanye and U2 teach you about teamwork?

A couple of personal vignettes about teamwork:

U2 performing live: it happens to the most seasoned professionals when performing live. Sometimes you mess up, miss a beat, hit the wrong chord. It happened to them as well. I noticed only because I was new to the guitar, and was keeping track of the chords in my head. Larry did the old drummer trick of inserting a quick half beat to cover up. Bono held his “yeah” a little longer. The song went on. It was a memorable performance.

Kanye West performing live: Things went just a little bit off beat, and he came to a screeching halt. “Hey, hey, hey! You f***ed it up”, he said to the band. A few moments of awkward silence. And then on to the next song. The band were wearing dark glasses, so you couldn’t tell if they were giving Kanye dirty looks.

You want to be in a team that’s like U2, not Kanye’s touring band.