Vivek Haldar

Personal Trainers for Software

It is routine for individuals to hire professional help for a range of narrow, well-defined activities.

We hire contractors and interior decorators to build our homes.

We hire accountants to take care of our taxes and investments.

We hire personal trainers to help with our physical fitness.

Why do we not hire software contractors (or whatever you want to call them) for specialized software work that is personalized to one’s specific workflows?

Programmers constantly build their own little tools and scripts to grease their daily workflows. Regular people are stuck with whatever applications happen to allow. If an application to do something does not exist, it usually precludes that activity entirely. Programmers don’t realize what a problem this is. Just listen to the convoluted flows on a show like Mac Power Users. A huge amount of time, money and effort is spent on cobbling together blunt tools.

How would one go about establishing such a profession?