Vivek Haldar

An ergonomic keyboard and mouse configuration

I have long been searching for a keyboard and mouse configuration that is comfortable, ergonomic, reduces the impact on my fingers and wrists, and yet is productive.

I’ve tried them all. Vertical mice. Trackballs. All types of keyboards. What I have finally settled on is the Goldtouch split keyboard, and the Apple Bluetooth magic trackpad.

My setup looks like this:

Yes, it’s like an enlarged bottom half of a laptop.

The keyboard is tactile and very comfortable. The split angle is much easier on my wrists than a straight keyboard. And the trackpad slips right under it. I have to move my hand only slightly to move between the trackpad and keyboard. Combined with mouseclick, this also eliminates a lot of pressing and clicking. I’ve been using this setup for a few months now, and I think I’ve hit a sweet spot with it.