Vivek Haldar

A Twitter-based Anagram Game

I’ve been fascinated with the idea of using Twitter for slow, asynchronous, text-based games. The kind where a challenge is tweeted out, and you can take your sweet time to respond to it, again with a tweet, sprinkled with some simple game elements like leaderboards.

My initial exploration of the idea led me to develop what was a pretty simple and useless twitter chat bot (in the style of Eliza).

The next step in my exploration is Anagramr, a game of anagrams over Twitter. Here are the rules:

  1. Follow @anagramr on Twitter. Every couple of minutes, it will tweet out a challenge like: “Give me anagrams for FOO.” (Update: I got feedback this was way too frequent. I’ve turned this down to one challenge tweeted out every half hour.)
  2. Reply to one of those challenges with anagrams of the the word in the challenge. It must be a reply to that tweet, or Anagramr will not know which word you are replying to.
  3. Anagramr will tweet you back with whether your reply was a valid anagram or not.
  4. A couple of times a day, Anagramr will tweet out leaderboards.

A typical run looks like this:

Code is over on github.